Lives of Streeties is a project by BHARCS that aims to understand free ranging dogs of India. These dogs are free ranging, do not belong to anyone, but coexist with people and rely on their benevolence for sustenance.
The project aims to not only conduct ethological studies on free ranging dogs, but also create awareness on their lives, in a bid to increase appreciation of what they bring to our lives and increase sensitivity towards theirs.  
While taking a tour of this website, do not forget to visit the Support page to learn about ways you can contribute towards the welfare of these wonderful animals.


Living together
Incorrigibly social
Here comes the biscuit man
Yes we are friends. So?
I believe it's called Shavasana
Whatcha got there?
Three's company
Bed of roses...erm bouganvillas
Why can't dogs be friends with pigs?
Village dog
There's always time for a snack
I am a mountain lion
Hyena or dog?
It's always nice to meet friends


 Their Stories 

We can never fully comprehend the lives of streeties unless we immerse ourselves in their lives. These animals lead rich emotional lives, have strong opinions and personalities, face unique challenges and are a product of their unique life experiences. How can we begin to understand if we don't know their stories.


If you belong to any professional organisation and think your members will be interested in knowing more about street dogs, please reach out to us and we will be happy to do a webinar on the subject. 

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