FLIR date

Today, I put my flir to use better than the previous night study. I think I am getting the hang of it, though I must admit that the device is buggy and struggles to start up quickly. Now, given that the flir is not very good at "quick draw", I end up fiddling with my camera for a while, which is waking up the dogs and getting them to react. Some have started approaching me and demanding to be pet. How adorable! Also...oh no! This is going to make the study very hard, if they get familiar enough with me to stop doing whatever it is they are doing and come running to me. It was pouring cats and dogs less than 15 minutes before the study commenced. So many of the dogs were up and about. Several

Names or numbers?

The study today was fairly uneventful. It was a hot afternoon. The dogs were mainly lazing. These studies actually remain uneventful on most days and the task ahead of me is to keep it that way. I need to figure out a way not to interfere with my own study. There is no doubt about it that these dogs are very friendly. Check out this snippet from today. That golden dog is all ready to make friends with me, a stranger to him. But if I did befriend them, then the second they heard my bicycle, they would be up and running towards me. That's how street dogs are. They are friendly to a fault. Anyways, thanks to the need for objectivity, at least until I finish this study, I need to figure out a wa

Venturing out in the night

Today was the first of the night street dog studies of this year. Night studies are very interesting. Firstly, it poses some challenges. Night studies are hard to capture on camera. There is not enough light. Secondly, it's not very safe. And of course, it's hard to see the dogs in the night. To overcome the limited visibility issues of these night studies, I have managed to get myself an infrared camera. It's a nifty little add on to my existing android camera. However, I must admit, it's quite clunky. I am still getting the hang of the camera. It did not work for the first half of the study. I eventually managed to get one little video that I have shared here. For the rest, I have relied o

Too hot to handle

It was HOT today. The weather report says it's only 28C. But it felt a lot hotter and according to the weather app, it felt like 31C. A pattern I am noticing is that it's hard to see too many dogs when it gets so hot. I was able to spot only 7 today, while on most days it's upwards of 10, more like 15. This little pup is the youngest participant in my study. He was fast asleep and when I tried to capture it, I woke him up. This is the hardest part of this study - to try to capture what the dogs are doing, without actually influencing it. I am getting better at trying to film them, without being too conspicuous. But these dogs are SUPER sensitive to our movement. Interestingly, when we do dog

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