Street dog studies adding value

Our street dogs are not just adorable bundles of love and joy, but also a source of information that fascinates the world. After all, dogs are a human's best friend and many of us are eager to know more and more about them. The best way to get to know an animal is to observe them in situations that provide them complete free will...and for dogs, that happens only when they are "free ranging". Our streeties fit that bill and hence become fascinating. We are so proud that our streeties are contributing towards improving understanding of dogs world wide. Dr. Marc Bekoff quotes the #livesofstreeties study in his latest book - Canine Confidential. Dr. Bekoff is professor emeritus of Ecology and E

Can we take charge of this streety "problem" already?

In the 1960s, Blue cross of India discovered that the Madras High Commision had been trying to control dog population through culling for over 100 years and had not achieved much success. After the study, the High Commision had to admit that their strategy had been a failure and adopted ABC instead. Effective ABC has proved to be far successful towards this end and for now can be considered the only sustainable effective solution (if done right). There are several case studies of successful efforts by NGOs in different parts of the country, which are even serving to be models for other countries like Turkey to emulate. Should we in the rest of the country not be following suit? Unfortunately

Indoor outdoor dogs

Streeties lead the most unconventional of lives. Dogs are and have always been extreme survivors and can be highly creative when it comes to problem solving in their lives. They are also very keen observers of humans and seem to have the ability to identify a "dog friendly" person with ease. While there are many stories of kind humans adopting streeties, there are also many untold stories of genius streeties who adopt humans. However, these adoptions happen on the terms of the streeties. They drive the process and it happens at their pace. Some never come into the fold of conventional "pet dog" lives. They continue living lives on their own terms . This is the story of Kutush, as told by the

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