Streeties in National Geographic

National Geographic released a bookazine in April 2020, titled "Genius of Dogs". We are so proud to see our Lives of Streeties project having been featured in there.

LoS at the online PDTE summit 2020

Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE), recently organized their annual summit and give the covid situation, it was done online. Sindhoor was invited to be one of the keynote speakers at this event. Her talk was, as one might have come to expect, about the Lives of Streeties. This is the second time she is speaking at a PDTE summit and this talk was about how streeties recognize and respond to very subtle human body language. The talk was very well received and will be up for public viewing soon. But for now, we just wanted to leave you with this introduction to the talk, where Sindhoor paid tribute to her dog Nishi that recently passed away and explained how Nishi was really the one who set fort

Tender or Feral?

When free ranging dogs are spoken about, people often use phrases like feral dogs, wild dogs, wary of humans, aggressive etc... Such phrases conjure up a very inaccurate picture of what these dogs are like and consequently our understanding of what is "natural behaviour of dogs". Indian streeties are a great demonstration of how unique dogs are, as a species. If not persecuted, they are quite comfortable around humans. These dogs also give us an opportunity to learn about their social bonding. When we describe animal behaviour, rarely do we use words like "friendship" and "affection". Most academic discussions are limited to procurement and guarding of resources, maintaining hierarchies and

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