Too hot to handle

It was HOT today. The weather report says it's only 28C. But it felt a lot hotter and according to the weather app, it felt like 31C. A pattern I am noticing is that it's hard to see too many dogs when it gets so hot. I was able to spot only 7 today, while on most days it's upwards of 10, more like 15. This little pup is the youngest participant in my study. He was fast asleep and when I tried to capture it, I woke him up. This is the hardest part of this study - to try to capture what the dogs are doing, without actually influencing it. I am getting better at trying to film them, without being too conspicuous. But these dogs are SUPER sensitive to our movement.

Interestingly, when we do dog observations in class, we notice that Indies have similar trends. In class, people bring in their pet dogs and we observe them explore the place around. But it is quite hard to do that with Indies because they get very conscious and slink away to a corner.

On another note, check out that graph! ALL the dogs on today's trip were sleeping. I am suspecting that the dogs I did not see were also sleeping, hidden somewhere in a cool spot, inside the drain or inside the compound of a house.

Dogs sure love to snooze!

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