Venturing out in the night

Today was the first of the night street dog studies of this year. Night studies are very interesting. Firstly, it poses some challenges. Night studies are hard to capture on camera. There is not enough light. Secondly, it's not very safe. And of course, it's hard to see the dogs in the night.

To overcome the limited visibility issues of these night studies, I have managed to get myself an infrared camera. It's a nifty little add on to my existing android camera. However, I must admit, it's quite clunky. I am still getting the hang of the camera. It did not work for the first half of the study. I eventually managed to get one little video that I have shared here. For the rest, I have relied on street lights and whatever little my camera can capture. Do have a look at the snippet and see if it's worth using flir at all.

I sulk as I talk about the safety issue. I absolutely dislike that I need to reach out to a man and ask for help here. Of course, my husband, Uttam has generously agreed to help me. So we went out and rented one of those bikes from Zoom Car. Not great bikes and the breaks screech like crazy. But it will do for now.

And finally, there is one more challenge during night studies. The dogs, though mostly asleep, are hypersensitive to movement. So breaking in front of them and filming them is not easy. Today, it was just 9 PM when we went out. So most of the street dogs were getting ready for bed. But the ones that were in the petrol bunk had already called it a day and filming them without completely riling them up was quite a challenge. I must think of some way to do this without driving them nuts!


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