Names or numbers?

The study today was fairly uneventful. It was a hot afternoon. The dogs were mainly lazing. These studies actually remain uneventful on most days and the task ahead of me is to keep it that way. I need to figure out a way not to interfere with my own study.

There is no doubt about it that these dogs are very friendly. Check out this snippet from today. That golden dog is all ready to make friends with me, a stranger to him. But if I did befriend them, then the second they heard my bicycle, they would be up and running towards me. That's how street dogs are. They are friendly to a fault.

Anyways, thanks to the need for objectivity, at least until I finish this study, I need to figure out a way to be ice queen and not actually befriend them. It's helping to not give them names and instead stick to numbers for now.

Once I am done, I intend to happily cycle down, befriend all of them, see if I can get reflective collars on all of their necks name them and then back catalogue my data with their names. I will be sure to make videos of them actually interacting, so you can get to see more of their personality. For now, back to numbers!

Another day with a whopping 58% percent of the dogs just sleeping. And only about 16% were actually moving. Not surprising, given it was a relatively warm day and afternoons are peaceful. Good time to snooze. No surprises there.


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