FLIR date

Today, I put my flir to use better than the previous night study. I think I am getting the hang of it, though I must admit that the device is buggy and struggles to start up quickly.

Now, given that the flir is not very good at "quick draw", I end up fiddling with my camera for a while, which is waking up the dogs and getting them to react. Some have started approaching me and demanding to be pet. How adorable! Also...oh no! This is going to make the study very hard, if they get familiar enough with me to stop doing whatever it is they are doing and come running to me.

It was pouring cats and dogs less than 15 minutes before the study commenced. So many of the dogs were up and about. Several were being fed. I am assuming that people were waiting for the rain to stop so they could feed the dogs.

I cannot help but think about these people who care for these dogs. The dogs are not their pets. They don't sit next to each other on the couch and watch TV together. It's a different kind of a bond. This is not one of a "pet and pet owner". It's honest and simple. It's based on mutual respect and appreciation. It's very nice to have in our world. These are the things about my country I love.


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