Kajal, the friendly

This post is a bit overdue. The rain is cooperating a little bit. So I am getting a few studies done. Last time I was complaining about the dogs starting to get familiar with me. Now I have decided to lean into that and just go ahead and capture as many friendly moments with these dogs as possible. I want to make a point. Far FAR too often I hear people say that they think street dogs are not friendly. My friends in India who are thinking of getting a dog fear getting a streetie, thinking they are aggressive. My friends outside the country often mistakenly interchange the terms "street dogs" and "feral dogs". Some, very ill informed "trainers" write very unintelligently about how dogs if street dogs are not culled they can cause immense harm to people and livestock.

So, today, I'd like to present a video of one of the dogs on my route - Kajal. She is absolutely the friendliest, most gentle and graceful dog I have seen. Check out this video montage of my 11 PM run. She was in so many videos. There was just no leaving her out of these videos!

Oh, an additional goodie today...my flir magic. So this one, I have started calling Scamp. He runs away when he seems me. At 11 PM, the lighting is very poor and I just could not find him. I looked under the car several times, but I could see nothing. Then I turn on the flir...and voila! Glad I got the flir.

All the details and videos from this day's study are available here. If you like data or just want to watch videos of all the streeties I saw, then do check out this section: Study Details


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