Streeties are good teachers

So, I tried desperately not to get to know the doggies on the route. That's not happening. They are starting to come up to me and frankly, I don't have the heart to say no. So...I have embraced this thing and I happily pet them all. I just jot down what they were doing when I first see them and then go ahead and engage with them, the way dogs are meant to be engaged with - with love and joy.

This video is really cute. These two mad hatters were happily on their way to doing something fun I suppose. I make a tiny smacking sound. The both comically stop, turn around and come running back. But I was standing next to a school bus, waiting for it to move and the space became too tight for them. So they come all the way and then go, "Nope! Can't do lady. That space is too tight for us".

How rarely do we actually look at things from a dog's perspective. It's always about us, is it not? I had to see this video to realize what an idiot I had been this morning. These exercises are good ones in humility. Street dogs are amazing teachers. This is what you learn when you deal with a dog that has 100% free will. You don't get to be impolite. Either be nice to them, or they walk away...that's that, unlike our pet dogs, who have no option but to stick to us, irrespective of how rude we are.


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