A little compassion

I had a great run at 5 PM today. I actually say 21 dogs in all!!! I am getting quite a hang of it where these dogs are hanging out.

There is one dog on the way, I call him Pops. He's old and hangs out near one house almost all the time. The first time I saw him, the lady of the house and her daughter were outside the house. They asked me what I was doing and I told them that I was studying dogs. They started beaming. They seemed to love the idea that "their" dog was being in a study. The kid quickly went and started petting Pops. He seemed to like it. It seems like that house was extending him a tad bit of compassion and that had forged a good friendship between the kid and Pops. They have given him a little area to sleep on and perhaps feed him a bit.

These small acts of kindness cost nothing and yet can make a huge difference. They are not rare. People are kind all over the world. Look what I found on this particular run. I managed to find two dogs that I have not so far discovered and for good reason. Can you even spot them in this video?

All the details and videos from this day's study are available here. If you like data or just want to watch videos of all the streeties I saw, then do check out this section: Study Details


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