The hidden lives of dogs

I am slowly discovering where these dogs are hiding. Remember my favourite doggie - Kajal. Everytime I turn up near this house, she appears, seemingly out of nowhere. I finally discovered where she was hanging out. Actually I discovered that all the dogs in that "zone" had decided to check into "Hotel Canine".

And of course, special treat for you all is my dear husband, struggling to keep up with my enthusiasm, but still being gracious enough to help me out through all of this.

We repeated the study at midnight and at 4:00 AM. At 4:00 AM, we saw the famous "Dog Prowl". We've all seen this - large groups of dogs moving about at night, looking for trouble and more annoyingly, looking for trouble. Or at least, that is what we think. But not really. Not most times. Most times this "dog prowl" is fairly peaceful and is focused on finding food.

But when dogs are in such large groups, they get agitated easily. Plus, they are not used to seeing too many people "lurking" around. So it bothers them a lot and they start barking, howling and generally getting very excited. The more dogs in the melee, the more the excitement. In such situations, it might help to provide separate feeding areas and sleeping areas for them, so that the group breaks up and there is less collective excitement.

In any case, as you can see from these videos, if one knows how to handle them, they are no trouble at all. Check out the sleeping dogs in this video. They now know me and expect me there. So not a peep from them. They are very cute!

All the details and videos from this day's study are available here. If you like data or just want to watch videos of all the streeties I saw, then do check out this section: Study Details from midnight and 4:00 AM


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