Found Kajal, Ken and the piglets

I did not see Kajal last night. I was a bit apprehensive. This is the trouble with bonding with streeties. You do not want to think about what they have to endure sometimes. You do not want to love and lose so often. But then, we do fall in love and I have fallen in love with Kajal.

Kajal, however, had something on her mind. She seemed so distracted that, at first, I thought she was upset about something. My mind started making up horror stories of what she might have been through. But I got it wrong. She was distracted all right. But she certainly was not upset. She was with Ken! And I think, Ken is her boyfriend.

Just watch this video. Watch how her mind is clearly on this handsome young lad. They are definitely friends and they are definitely "hanging out". This whole thing was a joy to watch. Of course, I will have to catch her sometime soon and get her neutered. She is NOT going to be happy at the breach of trust. But I am willing to risk it, if it will save her life and help reduce pups on the street. Good for all of us involved.

So here's Kajal and Ken. Don't ask me why I feel like he's a Ken. She certainly does not look like a Barbie to me. But he's Ken now :) Oh, and the video has a special bit for all of you. An expected appearance by some additional Bangalore "wildlife". Enjoy, or as they say in Bangalore, Yenjai!

All the details and videos from this day's study are available here. If you like data or just want to watch videos of all the streeties I saw, then do check out this section: Study Details


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