The lovers are gone!

Kajal's story is getting more and more interesting. The last we spoke of her, we knew that she is now part of a love triangle between herself, Handa and Ken. This is a fabulous video of them arguing it out.

Anyways, what's very evident from the video is that she's in heat or very close to it. So yesterday I decided to get her spayed. My friend Debbie graciously agreed to do it at her shelter Precious Paws Foundation. You must check this shelter out. It's a joyous little place run single handedly by Debbie, who is constantly striving towards making the lives of these dogs better, while they wait for their forever homes. She will soon have her own study results on things we can do in shelters to reduce stress in dogs. Go Debbie!

In any case, finding and catching Kajal was easy peasy lemon squeazy. When we went to pick her up, her entire group was snoozing and not one bothered to get up. She, as always took the trouble to come say hi. Picked her up in a minute. Never met a more compliant dog. But what was interesting was that just as we were about to drive away Handa turned up. He was looking frantically for something and was visibly agitated. Did he know? Had he come looking for his lover?

I would not be surprised if he knew. Her odour must be overpowering for him. Fear causes organisms to release pheromones. He's perhaps tuned into it and knew. I am not surprised. Dogs are creatures of their nose and this should not at all be hard for them. But what was fascinating is that, none of the other dogs turned up. All the male dogs were waiting for her to come into heat. But it was the one dog, who was willing to stand up to Ken who turned up. There is special chemistry between these two. At least, he definitely has a special place in his heart for her.

Anyways, my study is done. So I don't need to visit these dogs any more. But what I'll do is go back and see how they accept her after her surgery and how this group develops. Here's a picture of her on her way to PPF.

Meanwhile all her boyfriends have disappeared this morning. I am sure they will be back. But where might have they gone? Looking for her, perhaps?

Also don't forget to check out PPF on facebook and the wonderful work they do. It is going to cost us Rs. 4000/- (62 USD/ 45GBP/ 52 EUR) for Kajal's procedure and post op care. If you'd like to pitch in, Debbie accepts paypal payments. Make the paypal payment to


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