Tis the season for love?

I saw another love story today. These dogs are not regulars here. They must be a. group passing through this area. I wonder where they are off to. But, there sure is some drama here too. This one is a great one to observe calming signals that are so subtle and yet clearly very effective.

Of course, their love and their social lives are incredibly fascinating for us dog people. However, the sad reality of Indian streeties is that they live in a harsh environment of resource crunch. Their numbers are not in check and they share the country with a billion other humans. There is not enough for everyone.

In most of these videos, the dogs do not seemed stressed at all. And quite frankly, they are not. However, we must not overlook the fact that urban living is and will be stressful, on both humans and dogs. That coupled with limited resources can definitely lead to man dog conflicts. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Both humans and dogs suffer in the process, but the dogs always suffer more, since they are more vulnerable to the destructive and vindictive might of the human species.

India, in theory has the solution - spay and neuter programs. However, these programs constantly fall short, not because they are not effective solutions, but because it is very poorly implemented. In a city that requires 20 ABC center (Animal birth control centers), we have 2! This is bad news.

Yesterday, I manage to pack Kajal off for her spaying. With the lack of governmental support, this is not easy. It is going to cost us Rs. 4000/- (62 USD/ 45GBP/ 52 EUR) for her procedure and post op care. Of course, we will raise that money for our girl. But this is not a sustainable cost for the number of dogs we have. Most of all, we need awareness on what the problem is, what it will become and what the solution is.

Also don't forget to check out PPF on facebook. Our dear Kajal is currently under their care for her neutering. If you'd like to pitch in, Debbie accepts paypal payments. Click here to donate: https://www.paypal.me/preciouspawsblr


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