Indoor outdoor dogs

Streeties lead the most unconventional of lives. Dogs are and have always been extreme survivors and can be highly creative when it comes to problem solving in their lives. They are also very keen observers of humans and seem to have the ability to identify a "dog friendly" person with ease. While there are many stories of kind humans adopting streeties, there are also many untold stories of genius streeties who adopt humans. However, these adoptions happen on the terms of the streeties. They drive the process and it happens at their pace. Some never come into the fold of conventional "pet dog" lives. They continue living lives on their own terms . This is the story of Kutush, as told by the lady Kutush is in the process of adopting...


Kutush, the inside outside streetie


I would like to write about our beloved streety - Kutush. Kutush is a fine example of a free ranging independent, yet vulnerable ,dependent dog. He has been an inside outside dog since he was a small puppy and was dumped in our area along with his brother Potash (who unfortunately for run over and died). Kutush comes in through the apartment gate, dodging security guards and people giving strange looks. He goes out on his own to relieve himself. We have now started taking him out on leash to avoid glares of people.

Kutush too was hit by a car. He suffered multiple fractures and needed multiple surgeries. But he is back despite it all and still choses to be an inside outside dog. He loves his freedom. We are dying to make him an "indoor dog". But he has his own terms and conditions and we respect that. He will come in and go out on his own free will. No amount of love, comfort, good food, security etc can convince him to give up his freedom. He is nervous around other dogs. His life is full of dangers and uncertainties, which he recognizes. Yet, he values his freedom above all else. We've accepted that this is the way they function.



Caretaker of Kutush

Kutush enjoying the luxury of an indoor life

If you have stories you'd like us to feature, please do mail them to and we will be happy to oblige. This is our platform to raise awareness on streeties and bust some myths. Show to the world how wonderful your streety is and the rich lives they lead.... #livesofstreeties


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