Can we take charge of this streety "problem" already?

In the 1960s, Blue cross of India discovered that the Madras High Commision had been trying to control dog population through culling for over 100 years and had not achieved much success. After the study, the High Commision had to admit that their strategy had been a failure and adopted ABC instead. Effective ABC has proved to be far successful towards this end and for now can be considered the only sustainable effective solution (if done right). There are several case studies of successful efforts by NGOs in different parts of the country, which are even serving to be models for other countries like Turkey to emulate. Should we in the rest of the country not be following suit?

Unfortunately, our government is not yet being effective in executing ABC. So, it is boiling down to individuals like Preethika and NGOs. I have been in awe of how powerful citizen movements are getting in Bangalore and this problem too should not be insurmountable. We are a city of 10 million people and there are only a few hundred thousand streeties. It takes a fraction of the city to take on the task of getting at least 1 female dog neutered and we could see a drastic difference to not just streety welfare, but also significantly bring down human-dog conflict.

Leave me a comment if you have in any small or big way participated in ABC efforts for streeties and tell us how you did it. You may just inspire others to do it too. This is Preethika's story.


So today I got the two girls (Ruby and Mini) from the gang of five siblings that I care for. The three boys will be done soon. They have turned five months and the reason why I chose the girls first is that they are, if the girls come on heat, there's a very good chance they will get pregnant. Most females have at least four to six puppies minimum. So that means, between Rubi and Mini, eight more puppies at one!

Spay and neuter your streety.

Thanks to a friend who lent his car, another who went along with the dogs, we sent them to one of the best ABC centres in the city - Sarvodaya. The surgery was done by dr. Akshay Prakash. The dogs came back safe and sound, albeit a little sleepy. So we made them a comfortable in their little home and went back to our homes satisfied.

The surgery was done free by the NGO. All it cost me was my share of the transport cost...As little as Rs. 500. A small price to pay for the satisfaction of having made a difference.

Thanks for me giving a chance to share issue so close to my heart. Love



And before you go, an appeal…

We need your help for the new student center, which aims to foster more awareness projects like #livesofstreeties. Land requirements are 3500 sq ft near bellandur / sarjapur area. Call us at 99024 94477 with leads, if any. Be part of building careers and shaping the industry for your dog.


Bangalore Hundeskole Academy


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