Streeties can be mentors

When people walk their dogs in Bangalore, some people struggle dealing with streeties and see streeties as a nuisance. But they don't have to be. In fact, streeties can be a huge asset. Many of them have very good social skills, much better than most pet dogs. People who get comfortable around streeties can then figure out how to use the help of the regulars on walk routes to teach our dogs how to politely befriend other dogs. However, it takes confidence to be able to allow the dogs to interact and try not to interfere. Meddling can often result in miscommunication which in turn can result in flights.

Consider the interaction documented in this blog. You can see how nuanced dog meet-and-greets are and how even the slightest disruption can cause a hiccup. A good way to get comfortable around dogs is to perhaps learn to observe street dog interactions more closely and try to understand the nuances. The more we understand, the less we fear and the less we fear, the more we trust. The more we trust, the less we interfere. The less we interfere the better their interactions get.

Do give this idea a consideration. Stop being afraid of streeties and you just might learn how to use their superior skills to help your dogs. Your dogs also get access to good friends. If you are worried about diseases, parasites, ticks and fleas, it's not hard to address those. Once you have all befriended each other, get the streeties vaccinated once in their life. Deworm them once in 6 months by hiding the medicines in paneer cubes and put the tick drops on them once in a quarter. That will not get hard when the streeties are friendly and trust me, it is totally worth it.

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