A dog is a dog is a dog

The intent of #livesofstreeties is to bust myths about streeties. Today the myth we want to bust is that streeties are somehow different from our pet dogs. It's this mental separation that makes people afraid of street dogs. Even among academics, I sometimes see people argue that street dog studies are not relevant in understanding pet dogs because pet dogs are bred to be different. Well, here in India, streeties are mixes of our aboriginal breeds and several non-Indian breeds. Also, many of us adopt dogs from the streets and they become pet dogs. Anyone who has interacted with these dogs in any meaningful way will agree that the separation of street dog and pet dog is in our mind and on paper, but a dog is a dog is a dog.

Check out this lovely video. If it were not for the harness, is there much of a difference between the streetie and the pet dog? And if you fall in love with these two gorgeous dogs, do read their story, as narrated by Jon Snow's mommy - Madhuleena.

"The Black dogs name is beauty. She is half dog half colt. Jon snow met beauty for the first time two months ago. I think it was love at first sight. She is so dainty that he is not sure how to play with her. When they see each other beauty fully bends down and Snow smells her. That's when this dance starts. In this video you can see him trying to initiate play by pulling her leg a little (something that he does to Pico, our other dog). He is still not sure if he is being rough with her. I think he is also interacting with a female dog after a long time. We've never seen his ear so upright!"


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