Den animals or Sofa animals?

Dogs are sometimes called den animals, though there is no evidence to support that. If we are to go simply by ethological observations of streeties, we see a very different picture emerge. Most streeties like to sleep on elevated surfaces. They may hide in drains when they are afraid or whelping and they may nap under cars during the hottest part of the day. But most times, they seem to be perched on the highest surface they can find, be it on top of sand piles, on the landing of stairs of office buildings, on the rooftops of houses that don't shoo them away, or like in this case, on top of discarded pieces of furniture. While we cannot be sure why they prefer this, one might guess that it perhaps gives them a vantage point to maintain look out. Or, perhaps, like in this case, it simply is more comfortable.

Our mentor Turid Rugaas, is often heard saying, "every dog deserves a sofa". Clearly, so do streeties! This dog was photographed in a market called "Southern Market" in Kolkota. The sofa had perhaps been left out there to be sold off. This streety could clearly not give up the opportunity for a comfortable nap. Make hay when the sun shines and take a nap when there's a comfy sofa around.

Photo credit: Dipayan Ganguly

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