Ethogram of a dog

The "ethogram" of an animal is a catalogue of all behaviours that are natural to an animal and ethology is the study of this. But repeatedly, studies have shown us that studying animals in captivity gives a very different picture than studying free ranging animals that can exercise free will. Dogs are no different. Modern canine behaviour professionals and enthusiasts need a good understanding of the canine ethogram, but have to either rely on studied of dogs in human homes or labs or studies on wolves, both of which can be misleading. This is why I often repeat to my students to recognize the gift that our streeties are and to not just blindly trust "experts" on what dogs are, but to use their own observation of streeties. Most of our class is about fine tuning those observation skills. It's also why our school motto is, "Learning to learn from dogs". Get it? 😀 It's also why the Bharcs diploma is not limited to canine behaviour, but extends to ethology.

About the Author

Sindhoor is a canine behaviour consultant, Galen myotherapist and educator in Bangalore, India. She is the country representative for Pet Dog Trainers of Europe(PDTE) and the founder of BHARCS, a premier canine education academy and Bangalore Hundeskole, a consultation service for holistic canine care. Sindhoor also studies free ranging dogs in India and while she wears many hats, being mommy to two amazing dogs – Nishi and Tiggy, whom she considers her inspiration and her greatest teachers, is her favourite role.

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