Tender or Feral?

When free ranging dogs are spoken about, people often use phrases like feral dogs, wild dogs, wary of humans, aggressive etc... Such phrases conjure up a very inaccurate picture of what these dogs are like and consequently our understanding of what is "natural behaviour of dogs".

Indian streeties are a great demonstration of how unique dogs are, as a species. If not persecuted, they are quite comfortable around humans. These dogs also give us an opportunity to learn about their social bonding. When we describe animal behaviour, rarely do we use words like "friendship" and "affection". Most academic discussions are limited to procurement and guarding of resources, maintaining hierarchies and fight for survival of the fittest. But what we actually see on ground in a much more complex and nuanced social structure that includes care, sharing, personal friendships, politics and so much more.

Tell us in comments what you think is going on in this video.

Video courtesy: @kalyaninataranjan

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