The skeptical streeties

The BHARCS advances students are busy gathering data on the behaviour of streeties. And of course, the streeties are curious as ever what we are up to. But streeties are "cautiously curious".

Here Shifa is trying out a few different ways of communicating with dogs to identify what they inherently understand and what they don’t. The way we do it is to communicating a few things we suspect they do understand and a few we believe they don’t understand at all. The end result of it though is that it leaves them utterly confused, wondering if this human has any clue what she is trying to do. As you can see, these dogs think poor Shifa has lost her marbles. But the cool thing is that our “test” only last 30 seconds and all our students then go on to put away their researcher hat and just pet them. Having a sense of whimsy in everything we do and living in the moment and enjoying it are some of the biggest lessons we are trying to imbibe from our dog friends. After all, the BHARCS motto is, “Learning to learn from dogs”. What are lessons you have learnt from dogs?

If you are a fan of streeties, like we are, give us a shoutout. We love celebrating these wonderful animals. Also do not forget to check out how you can support the people who care for them and provide for their welfare.

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