2019 : Communication between streeties & humans

This is a new study that is being launched by BHARCS to understand better the communication that occurs between the free ranging dogs of India and the people who interact with these dogs to achieve sophisticated levels of interspecies collaborations, that does not rely on training, but instead on voluntary participation of free willed individuals (both dog and human) and on strong communication between them. More details will be coming up soon...Stay tuned....

2015 - 2017 : Activity Budget of Streeties

This is a study that spanned 2 years and 700 observation of streeties in Bangalore, India, to determine the activity budget of free ranging ​urban dogs. This study tries to find answers on how much physical and mental exercise dogs need. Click on the  button below to read the full article that details the methodology, the premise and the conclusions of this study. 

Early versions of this published in the Barks Blog by Pet Professional Guild (2016) and the Winter 2017 Edition of the IAABC Journal.

Click here to view more data, graphs and videos from this study.