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If you live in a part of the world that has streeties, consider contributing to our research. The more we learn about them scientifically, the more we can argue for them and help them. Streeties provide us a very unique opportunity to really understand these amazing animals, we call dogs.


It is not going to be hard to participate. You will be given instructions on what to do. It will be very simple things like trying to get their attention, inviting them to come get pet by you etc...You will need to capture 5 - 15 seconds of the interaction on camera and send the video to us. That's all!

If you are as fascinated by streeties as we are and want to join hands in studying them, emailing learn@bharcs.com and we'll give you details of what exactly needs to be done. 

Oh, and as a thank you, we are giving out Rs. 100/- vouchers for each little video that makes it into our study. The vouchers may be used against our course fees, workshop fees or merchandise. 

For these studies to progress, our streeties need to be preserved and cared for. Please consider donating your time or money to the organizations below, that are clearly dealing with a massive challenge at hand in providing for these dogs, where the state fails them. Help them help our dogs. 



Remember the adorable story of Kajal? 

Precious Paws Foundation is the organization that is graciously caring for her, doing her procedure and providing her post op care. 

They do this day in and day out for several streeties. 

Check out their FB page.

They accept paypal donations



If you are a dog lover in Bangalore and not heard about Bismi, you've been living under a rock. She feeds hundreds of streeties each night, by hand! She was featured in the PDTE Newsletter in 2017 and we just can't stop talking about her marvelous work. Her waking up each morning means that hundreds of streeties get their meal.

Check out their FB page.